Мобільні шиномонтажі

Transportable tire changers

The urgent task of the "UA.NOVA" charity foundation is to help the soldiers of the 80th special assault combat brigade. They heroically defend our homeland from invaders. Therefore, we need to purchase two mobile tire-changing complexes for them as soon as possible.

Friends and partners of our foundation have already joined the cause. The first car has already been purchased by the sports club "Prometheus" and the construction company "Budinvest Engineering". Team of the Professional volleyball league of Ukraine has already joined the next fundraisers.

Among them, there is the famous racer Oleksiy Mochanov. The cult artist Les Poderevyansky also supported our initiative.

Do not stand aside! Every hryvnia is important. This is a joint struggle for a joint victory!

Контраварійне водіння

Counter-emergency driving

In Dnipro, there are courses in counter-emergency driving for the military. Such classes will never be superfluous: you need to drive a lot at the front, and the life of the crew often depends on the speed and skills of the driver.

The training takes place on a rally track that has been repurposed to be a training ground. Here, members of the armed forces, who drive cars in their units, master a number of useful skills.

The courses for military drivers were organized by the "UA.NOVA" charity foundation together with the Automobile Federation of Ukraine.

All military personnel who want to learn counter-emergency driving skills can attend extreme driving lessons.
For this, it is necessary to apply directly to the "UA.NOVA" charity foundation.

About us

The "UA.NOVA" charity foundation helps to purchase transportable tire changers for the army. Unforeseen circumstances constantly occur at the front, which is why tires of military vehicles come out of action very quickly. For such situations, the defenders of Ukraine particularly need transportable tire changers. They help not to waste time, which is so precious on the front line, and allow you to change the car tire quickly.

Another important area of our work is teaching military skills in counter-emergency driving. One of the goals of the foundation is to share the experience of sportsmen with those who carry out an important mission today — defending Ukraine. While fighting for our homeland, our soldiers get into extreme situations where their lives depend on various factors. Understanding the car and the ability to respond to emergencies quickly save lives in such conditions. 

Experienced athletes and coaches of the Automobile Federation of Ukraine share their skills with the defenders of Ukraine. They have developed a special program that has already demonstrated its effectiveness. Since 2015, this training course has been used by army units that participated in hostilities in the Donetsk region. Tracks for races have been specially modified for training grounds. After completing the training, the military will immediately be able to use the acquired knowledge in combat conditions.

The "UA.NOVA" charity foundation focuses on important issues that currently do not have public coverage for the sake of the safety of our military. However, we will talk about them after the victory of Ukraine.

Partners of the fund

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