ROCK OPERA "Hamlet" by Les Podervyanskyi

operaUkrainians! Dear community!

There is a saying: "When the cannons speak, the muses are silent." It seems to me that it is not about our guns and not about our muses. In the most difficult times, we wipe away tears and bloody sweat, and find the strength to smile so that the enemy does not see our pain, but only our predatory teeth.

In the most difficult times, we find the strength not to sulk, to help our heroes in whatever way we can, not to fold our hands, and to continue doing our everyday work. Because we need to sneeze at snotty muses and banal proverbs.

Composer Vyacheslav Nazarov and I have just finished work on the rock opera "Hamlet". We liked what we did and wanted to see our creation on stage. We turned to the rich for help, but it turned out that they are not interested in culture.

If you think that now is not the "time" to deal with such trifles, then so be it.

If you think otherwise, then with your help we will collect the necessary funds and put on a great show and show the world that Ukrainians can laugh at their enemies even during the war.

Your Les Podervyanskyi.

Hotline:+38 (068) 994-19-86