Transportable tire changers

The goal of the “UA.NOVA” charity foundation is to provide military vehicles with technical assistance, because in the conditions of hostilities, repairing cars promptly is one of the urgent needs.

Situations when emergency repairs are needed on the front line are the norm. Replacing a damaged wheel is not a problem  in a normal life, but every minute counts during enemy fire. Prompt wheel replacement can save lives. That is why maintenance cars, say the military, are absolutely necessary.

"This car will make it possible to quickly return the equipment to service and engage it to perform tasks as intended. Which, in turn, will bring us closer to our victory", - Oleksandr Petrychenko, chief of armaments of the command of the airborne assault troops.

Our foundation was approached with a request to purchase two such cars for defenders of Ukraine. Therefore, we are actively working on a solution to this request, so that the machines go as soon as possible to help our military destroy the occupiers.

The "UA.NOVA" charity foundation has already handed over a mobile tire fitting to the military, which has already been sent to the front. The car was the first joint project of the “Promethey” sports club and the “Budinvest Engineering” construction company. Sportsmen and builders fully took over the funding, demonstrating our Ukrainian unity in the fight against the enemy.

"Our friends from the "UA.NOVA" foundation approached us with an offer to help the military. We always help our Armed Forces. This is our first experience working with this charity foundation, the guys did a very good job, found this equipment and car in Europe, brought it, upgraded it. Now we are handing it over to our defenders," Pavlo Chukhno, co-founder of “Budinvest Engineering”, said.

Similar machines work in Europe. German experience was taken as a basis  during the development, said Oleksiy Mochanov, adviser to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

“The idea was simple: using the example of German transportable tire changers who work right in the area of ​​the autobahns, we took a big bus, put a compressor, a generator, disassembly machines, boarding. This car has everything to organize a truck tire, there will be the same buses, where there will only be a car assembly, they will be smaller and more mobile and will be complex both a car and a truck," Oleksiy Mochanov said.

This was the first project for our foundation, now we are carrying out the task of purchasing passenger cars for the military. We are sure that we will cope quickly. We really count on everyone's support. Ukraine has almost defeated the enemy, but we need to understand that victory depends not only on the military, it depends on each of us.

Do not stand aside, because there are no small donations. Any help is important, it is a contribution to the peaceful future of Ukraine!

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